Video clips: “Sorry, because me …”

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Video clips: “Sorry, because me …”

Short film “Sorry, because me …” tells the story of a gay man being forced to marry the family. Thereby, director Thien Hy would like to recommend that, getting married is not a good way to solve everything, but the beginning of the tragedy of so many people.

Hy has seen many homosexuals to go to get married to get married simply because shopkeeper, because he wanted to have one child lineage, for fear of heaven with tidbits, social stigma or married to such 1 person Osin unfair … Hy saw up a lot of such cases, a short film SORRY BECAUSE ME … Hy exploit gay aspect 1 family was forced though the family knew his son GAY but because the nose is the family should have pressed sons marry … And is married there is good workarounds for everything or is the beginning of one tragedy that so many people have been INJURY PAIN and …

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