Video Clips: “So! We love each”

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Video Clips: “So! We love each”

The film is adapted from the story “So! We love each other go” on the Internet, talk about a love affair “utopia”, to bear fruit from the April Fools lie.

It started by saying “I love you” surprise of the boys with the girls at a cafe. After only 3 minutes to chat and show love, girl loves boy accepted, but on condition that their relationship lasted only a week.

A young couple’s love each other week is a week of flooding and romance smile. Both walk together, play games, eat … and love for each other. However, in order to challenge the boy, the girl had said that dying cancer left him worrying. However, boys still with her decision.

This time, the girl revealed that “the cancer” is just a April Fool’s hoax. Since the days lie, boy girl can not be angry for long. In contrast, this is the time of love of both sublimation …

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