Video clips: “Minh Yeu Nhau Xong Roi”

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Video clips: “Minh Yeu Nhau Xong Roi”

A pure love, innocent girl 12th grade and the boy 9th grade.
An erotic game of the four female university students with a guy with a secret and only one person said.
A love comes from the heart of a woman who has aged with a college student Korean students.
All these people are intertwined through the 40-minute video and had feared secret cords are available only in the last minutes of the film.
With a strange montage motif of a normal emotional drama, but through a new staging, the viewer will be surprised at the end of the film and whether people are going to find their true love can come together or not

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  1. Mr Doan says:

    Movies too attractive :))


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