Video Clips: “Had he caught the phone”

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The story revolves around the couple Hung and Tram. Like so many other husbands, Hung always uncomfortable with the message, a phone call to his wife and that it was a troublesome job. He said that his wife was bothered when busy with work. Even when pregnant wife, Hung did not spend much time caring for his wife’s birthday duoc.Cho Hung, he went to eat with friends and colleagues through the night. Tram at home as a small dinner and wait for her husband. She calls to call her husband, but because of discomfort, Hung not pick up the phone and also off.

That night, it rained very loud, Tram offers travel bucket drip from a leaky roof and accidentally slipped and fell. She phoned her husband but because the power is off, you can not go home to his wife. The couple in the film has a sad ending. Tram died, Hung also must live in regret and torment. The final scene, while his wife Hung cooked meal and sit down to eat before the picture she made the viewers to tears. However, the short film “If you start the machine” has brought poignant lesson for the viewer: “Know precious, cherish every moment to be with their loved ones. Make love while you can weak”.

However, there are also many other netizens to share that, because Tram pregnant women, should sentiment somewhat sensitive, always wanted to be interested and care a lot. Sometimes she did not know that the call will bother too much to her husband. One Facebooker said: “This story has some features like the shepherd boy thing. Sometimes because they want attention, women call men. Call 1 idea what time, but is not concerned about important. it should be 2.3 times the calls do not even thought what happened. so women themselves should also draw lessons from this tragic drama. do not let yourself be who killed him, “the Lambs ” mine”.

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