Tree of Savior Banned 5607 Accounts for UI Addon Use

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IMCGames announced at the official website that they have banned 5,607 Tree of Savior accounts which used addons to modify the game client and allow access to Market, Repair, Personal Storage and Team Storage UIs outside of cities without interacting with their corresponding NPC.


A total of 5607 Tree of Savior accounts were found to take part in illegal use of addons, of which:

– 1151 had already been permanently banned and therefore their status has not been altered
– 3462 had been previously restricted and will now be banned permanently, as this is their second known offense
– 994 will be banned for a total of 30 days, as this is their first known offense


Bots and hackers are like a never ending battle for gamers and game companies, some players just wishes to make money or win others in illicit competition, yet punishment would always come as an end, why not simply keep a harmonious gaming world and enjoy the game?

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