Test technology for fast data transfer on Bphone

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Technology for high-speed data transmission is one of the features Bkav placed on Bphone expectations. According to the manufacturer, is the first smartphone Bphone the world are equipped with data communication exchange TransferJet close range, but there are similarities “500 times faster than the NFC.”

Bphone Bkav say is the first smart phone with TransferJet.

To transfer files, both devices must support TransferJet, in which the device to send, the user select the file to transfer and then click Share and select menu TransferJet protocol. On the receiving device, open software TransferJet then put together two machines to perform file-swapping.

According Bkav technicians, communication TransferJet chips are placed near the rear logo letters B, so this is the optimal area to send files. Exchange rate may decline if the distance between devices increases. Theoretically, TransferJet has a maximum transfer rate of 560 Mb / s, 375 Mb effective / sec. However on Bphone speed is limited to 200 Mb / s to match the machine’s hardware.

TransferJet protocol is short-range wireless connections developed by Sony in 2008, then with the participation of many more companies like Olympus, Toshiba. Like NFC, TransferJet devices require putting together (the distance is less than 4 cm published) therefore does not require authentication, such as long-range communication.

The advantage of speed but with limited TransferJet is the number of devices integrated this technology is not much. In return, many prominent companies including Toshiba has launched with help additional accessories include USB connectivity for PCs and smartphones. Other requirements are transmitted during the two devices to set very close together, in a favorable position until the end of the process.

Bphone-Transfer-Jet-8058-7534-1432703113TransferJet application and interface on receipt.

Bphone-Transfer-Jet-8060-4318-1432703113Both devices require open TransferJet.


Technician positions that Bkav recommended for optimal file transfer speeds with two Bphone.

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