Tell you how to choose the most suitable hair style roof with face

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You are wondering what kind of options in the style roof roof prevalent today? Let soak at following manuals offline!

In countless ways beauty with hair, bangs work for probably the easiest option, but still have the ability to bring significant change to the appearance of the area. But only a very small area in her bangs back a lot of power to help “call processing” for your appearance: help overcome the face, makes you younger, more lovely, feminine more and more fresh. Compared to intervene in the whole length of the hair that you have lost the long-standing culture, cutting bangs is clearly less “scary” and far more simple. Despite this simple but pretty much back hair style roof, from roof to roof little thick, slanted roof to roof, etc … and this can be confusing for you. Invites you to soak at the following manuals to find out bangs his suit.

1. Short and thick bangs

Hairstyle short hair, thick eyebrows strike length and foot roof section was trimmed slightly serrated style is typical of the years 60. It will fit best with an oval face, long face and the heart. The advantage of this type of roof is you will not have to spend too much time styling that just slightly drying after shampooing round brush to the roof in order. But in return, you will have to visit the barber shop regularly (2 weeks / times) to maintain the ideal length.

2. Short mini bangs

You are a girl love the character and want a dramatic bangs? So short mini bangs halfway between the forehead is a very interesting choice. Naturally, this alternative bangs quite picky face and not everyone can view it. In case you have a small face with soft lines and a high forehead, then congratulations, you are completely qualified to conquer short mini bangs. Also, if you’re lucky enough to own a pair of eyebrows, the benchmark short mini bangs also help you show off your full advantage. With short mini bangs, you can easily experiment with longer bangs hair naturally growing waiting.

3. Sparse bangs 

Sparse bangs have the advantage is very comprehensive and not too picky side. Not only that, it also gives you looks very gentle, feminine and romantic. Nor sparse bangs requires cared too much, all you have to do is use gentle styling wax to keep bangs natural folds. One more great advantage in sparse bangs that even if you missed the “neglect” it grow longer than the original, it will still stay in shape inherent natural beauty. Besides, thanks to features that soft sparse bangs can easily “call processing” to slanted bangs.

4. Divided between the soft bangs

Bangs split between soft This is considered the “brand” of Brigitte Bardot, the famous French actresses with charm, hot. Characteristics of this type of bangs is a length too eyebrows a little and turn gently from side to side to create natural looks very soft and feminine. To create a style, you will need to use a large comb, dryer and slightly sticky wax hold. Roof split between schemes as well as temporary styling fits the label when you’re raising long bangs.

5. Slanted bangs

After years of “dormant”, one slanted bangs back again is conceived and one of those has a roof revive this style is Taylor Swift. This is considered bangs with every girl, especially those new to the bangs. Slanted roof hairstyle most preferred term today is slanted roof “cross” over the eyebrows and cheekbones close down. Best slanted bangs will be trimmed thin when the legs to even grow hair long, it retains the soft, natural.

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