Tailless ‘Manx’ Comet Could Answer Planetary Mystery

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An odd, tailless comet that made a fleeting pass into the inner solar system in 2014 before heading back out to the distant Oort cloud actually may have been visiting close to its birthplace.  The comet, called C/2014 S3, is physically more like an inner belt, rocky asteroid than an icy comet forged in the […]

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Universe Likely Has Many Extinct Civilizations: Study

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Is there life in the universe? If there is, can it communicate — and does it want to talk to us? If such a civilization is out there, how long could it survive? These are some of the fundamental questions astronomers regularly consider when they think about aliens. Suffice it to say the answers are […]

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6 ngày đi dọc miền Trung của phượt thủ ‘cuồng chân’

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Gần một tuần đi qua 1.200 km đường bờ biển, Phạm Quang Tuân đã mang về một thùng rác với các chữ ký ủng hộ đi du lịch không rác, hai người bạn nước ngoài cùng về quê ăn Tết và cả những dấu chân kỷ niệm. Có biệt danh là Tuân “Cuồng Chân”, chàng […]

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