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Simple and innovative, creating photos with father and daughter has never been so lovely.

In the West, people often have funny jokes, saying, “Your daughter is the father’s past life lover”. So, dear father daughter thing or photographed and there is nothing too surprising. The photos include games published and daughter making fun are becoming increasingly popular, but the father’s image – the fancy of Na Przyczepke Ktos the blog is “rare” full of fun for lovers like the creativity.

1. Picking up stars and father sky.

Russian Ktos Przyczepke known as a blog specializing in shooting of family life fun. It was founded by a couple of Finns photographer named Ania and Michal Zawer Waluda, with the aim to save the beautiful moments in the life of the family as well as her daughter. With love for her daughter lovely 1 year old, they have created a very cute image is generated from non-touch-idea goods: infant “fly” up to heaven without tricks or photo editing anything.

2. “The father’s baby wanted to fly high?” 

3. “One hand is on the ground has enough thrust’re there!”

4. Sometimes she needs a more powerful thrust father.

5. Dad also wanted to “fly between galaxies,” the daughter asked.
You know what they used way to this tiny little girl can not fly? Of course, they will not use juggling as this is very dangerous. Ania and Michal wanted to take a photo viewer that babies do not need to use sleight of picky but not necessarily exciting. Instead, they follow a very simple but effective: Michal was under 2 feet on the floor and the wall and her daughter lying on the floor next to him also.
Through these photos, the photographer couple have shown that parenting fun does not stop where the mother. Ania and Michal confirmed as being a parent “is the adventure to new lands.” You can see their different pictures here.

6. “Scare, fear not baby”.

7. “Dad angry now” – “I know the error,Daddy!”

8. Baby go “conquer” the pinnacle of knowledge.

9. Dad is horse riding, children playing.

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