Like eyes with beautiful images of owls by photographer Thailand

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Photographer Sasi Smith gave viewers the nuances and dramatic moments, but not many people know about owls.

Among the wild animals, the birds have been seen as “regal”, charming and mysterious charm for photographers specializing in wildlife photography. Not easy to save the beautiful moments of them completely simple, owls often nocturnal habits with camouflage talented masters. However, the Thai photographer Sasi Smith has done this with the image of different shades of this bird of prey.

owl is known as a good camouflage birds.

Photographer coming from the capital Bangkok is known in the photographic community with impressive pictures of birds, but the image of his goal was to make everyone have impressed and amazed. He has “caught” the right time and was brought to the viewer a perspective that not many people know about this lovely bird.

One of the beautiful moments are photographers capture Sasi Smith.

You can see more photos of owls Smith Sasi other below and other birds on his page at 500px here.

Gander face with round eyes.

Turning head naughty.

Birds of prey.
Small family.
Curious faces.
Shimmering beauty and charm.
Turning head is one of the familiar characteristics of owls.

And there are many other impressive picture of this bird of prey.

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