Forget Graphics, Play a Stable MMO!

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Stable MMO

For quite a few years now, I’ve been bumping into players who are struggling to find their MMO on a daily basis.

There is a major reason behind all these struggles and that is often the huge expectations graphics wise. Players commonly match their offline game demands with those of MMORPGs and developers are now focusing on releasing almost photorealistic MMOs to please these people. But this comes at a great price.

Stable MMO

The fact that a huge amount of a game’s budget is spent on visuals usually results in an appalling storyline, generic characters, and content that everyone gets bored of.  This is why, I usually recommend players who can’t seem to find their right MMO to check out older games that have a stable player base, a complex and well-developed background story, but perhaps less pleasing graphics. A great deal of the recently released MMOs are basically a heap of monkey poo because all they have to offer is great graphics.

Stable MMO

A decade ago, MMOs had quite a different shape. People were not expecting extraordinary visuals as they were already satisfied with being able to play together with others in an online context and they loved deep stories that they could discover. In the present, everyone wants to play the best-looking MMO and YouTube is filled with the generic ’Top 10 Best Graphics in MMORPGs’ crap that no one should really pay attention to.

In all honesty, about 75% of the currently releasing MMOs turn out to be disappointing, and for this reason, I strongly recommend you guys as well to stick to older and functional titles that might not look so handsome but are far prettier on the inside.

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