Dragonbone Dynasty Entering Open Beta

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R2Games announced that its latest browser MMORPG title, Dragonbone Dynasty is entering Open Beta on July 4th, 10:00 AM EST.

Dragonbone Dynasty

Following a successful Alpha phase, the latest MMORPG from R2Games is ready to enter the ranks of live titles. Alpha servers will be wiped to make way for the final balancing update to the game. This represents the final server wipe, and cash shops are now open and active.

Dragonbone Dynasty

Dragonbone Dynasty presents itself as a further refined version of classic browser MMORPG titles such as Wartune and League of Angels. Players exist in a persistent online world populated by thousands of other players in real time, all living out a unique fantasy quest of their own. Combat encounters are strategic, with grid-based deployment, attack initiative order, and a multitude of character types. An expansive questline ties together a deep story wrought with interesting characters and event.

Dragonbone Dynasty

All this and more comes together in an instant-play package only available at R2Games.

Discover Dragonbone Dynasty; available to play for free HERE.

Dragonbone Dynasty

Interested gamers can visit its official website, Community or Facebook page to get more information.

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