Chronicles of Elyria Has Prepared Three Surprises for You

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The new weekly update of Chronicles of Elyria is really surprising, three prologue contents will let you try the myth of Chronicles of Elyria even before alpha test!


Prologue: The Awakening

Prologue: The Awakening is an offline, single-player experience that is designed to act as a hands-on test of some of our most important client feature areas. It will play the role of a demo and this prologue will have a set of 22 feature areas. The events of the Prologue are quite significant and take place approximately five Elyrian years before the start of Exposition and at some point before Exposition the team will make the Prologue available for all Kickstarter backers to play.


Kingdoms of Elyria

Kingdoms of Elyria is an in-dev web-based portal that will allow you to play the Dance of Dynasties. You can form and change alliances, declare wars, fight for shared resources, and even invest in research. Kingdoms of Elyria will begin approximately 90 Elyrian years before the Exposition. The actions that take place during Kingdoms of Elyria will quite literally be writing the recent history of the servers. Kingdoms of Elyria is an opportunity for us to test some of the back-end databases, political systems, and other game mechanics.



ElyriaMUD will help to expose the back-end mechanics of the game for early testing in the form of a text-based role-playing game. You will be able to create characters and walk around in the world, role-playing and interacting with their fellow players while helping us test the game mechanics. And to keep life super exciting, events that happen in Kingdoms of Elyria will be mirrored in ElyriaMUD and vice-versa! If a Kingdom in KoE declares war on your kingdom, you can be sure the NPCs in ElyriaMUD will be talking about it. And if you happen to kill a noble while in ElyriaMUD, it’ll be reflected in the dance of dynasties!


These three surprises don’t simply serve as three demos before alpha test, they will determine how you will start in the upcoming fancy world. Those of you who want to begin building your guilds, forming in-game relationships, and staying connected to the world throughout the development process, you have the ones! Check the details and more updates here.

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